PC - CNC File Transfer Software



Do you use CNC machine tools?     If so, you probably want to transfer files to and from the controller for backup, retrieval or for ease of editing.     Perhaps you already have an expensive CADCAM system that automatically generates the CNC code in your production office, but you need something to use on a shop floor PC or laptop computer to transfer files into your machines.

iWorkshop CNC File Transfer helps you to do all this.

Editor Features:

  • Syntax highlighting with user customizable colour scheme
  • Renumber all or part of a program
  • Find / Replace text
  • Customizable tools menu that can link to other applications or your company's documents and procedures
  • File compare feature using WinMerge software to compare files and easily find lines that have changed, been inserted or deleted
  • Options to define a home directory for each CNC machine, and user definable filename extensions for each machine if required

    Communications Features:

  • Program transfer via direct RS-232 serial cable and most network serial port servers and ethernet to serial adaptors
  • Optional Xmodem protocol for error checking during program transfer with compatible machine controller
  • On screen display of transfer progress and a transfer trace feature to aid setting up communications
  • Transfer settings allow you to add control characters to the start and end of programs where this is required by the CNC machine controller
  • Convert line feeds on send and receive
  • Filter-out unwanted setup data / job information from programs as they are transmitted
  • Create and store your settings and preferences for multiple CNC machines then easily switch between them

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